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My client had purchased this late 19th century property in the shadow of Tucson’s Presidio .


This 1930’s historic residence boasts tall ceilings, original hardwood floors, and wonderful architectural detail.


This minimalist kitchen is part of a new construction project in scenic Stone Canyon.


An artist and creative herself, she was adamant from the onset of the project that the integrity and inherent ambience of this historic home should be retained.


Attention was given to a balance between open and closed storage.


The kitchen opens to the dining and great room, with breathtaking views.



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Clive Morgan

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Clive, who was born and educated in London, England, has been involved in, and greatly influenced by, style and design his entire life.
Having re-located with his wife Kathy to her home town, Dayton Ohio, in 2004 Clive recognized a unique opportunity to translate and apply his European perspective to design for the American markets. 
The flair and innovative creativity of his US remodel projects portfolio amply reflect those broader international influences, and incorporating Southwestern elegance will be a natural consequence of this latest move to Tucson.
He and Kathy, his wife, are avid good food and wine lovers, constantly seeking and sampling new taste experiences whether entertaining at home or dining out with friends.
A keen sailor, Clive also enjoys jazz and classical music, especially in live performance settings.
Like all good designers, he brings a wealth of insight, passion, experience and energy to your project, while respecting the inevitable boundaries set by economy of scale.

Favorite restaurant: Brassserie lipp, St Germain de pres, Paris

Favorite thing to cook: Blinis with scrambled egg and smoked salmon

Where to save money: make flair, style, finish & design your emphasis – not product

Where to spend money: maximize on the detail – stacked crown & under cabinet molding, under cabinet lighting, countertop edge profile, glass door inserts etc

Advice to homeowners: be open & candid with your designer about what you really like or dislike and share your real budget at an early stage

Pet peeve: people answering cellphones or texting during  a conversation or meeting

Things I love to do: my ultimate joy would be to be eating well with a glass of good red wine, listening to classical music or jazz while sailing in sunshine!

Favorite design challenge: to find a stunning solution to a tired & odd shaped space

Why I love to design: it amply satisfies my creative juices and gives me genuine and meaningful satisfaction to have had some, albeit small, impact on the way people live their home lives




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