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The PCS line of Frameless, European-Style Cabinetry is designed and sold to major home builders direct or through a network of distributors. We are the largest cabinet trade subcontractor in Southern California, having completed over 40,000 installs on hundreds of job sites and manufactured nearly a million cabinets.

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My client had purchased this late 19th century property in the shadow of Tucson’s Presidio .


This 1930’s historic residence boasts tall ceilings, original hardwood floors, and wonderful architectural detail.


This minimalist kitchen is part of a new construction project in scenic Stone Canyon.


An artist and creative herself, she was adamant from the onset of the project that the integrity and inherent ambience of this historic home should be retained.


Attention was given to a balance between open and closed storage.


The kitchen opens to the dining and great room, with breathtaking views.



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About PCS

Professional Cabinet Solutions (PCS) was founded in 2003 to supply quality kitchen and bathroom cabinetry from RSI Home Products to the building industry.

PCS developed and refined its innovative business processes and unique product lines following extensive market research.

We provide a turnkey process in California & with partners elsewhere:

  • Design
  • Manufacturing
  • Delivery
  • Installation
  • Service

Key Objectives:

  • On time installs & closings
  • 100% first pass work
  • Quick service & parts
  • Exceptional customer service



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